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cbd body creams uk

Here are five of the best CBD lotions recommended for businessmen and women across the UK by CBD expert David Barker:

Make sure it is made with all natural ingredients and laboratory tested at a third party facility to confirm a buyer’s safety.

1. JustCBD’s CBD Topical

But you don’t have to worry about getting “high,” as hemp-derived CBD items simply do not possess enough THC to cause any type of euphoric effects.

Thankfully for consumers all over the world, David Baker have done the homework for you.

Thanks to Naturecan’s extraction process, their merchandise has no THC whatsoever. There is nothing but natural CBD, along with other organic ingredients, like lemon and menthol.

We put this one to the test on the dry, tired, puffy eyes of sleep-deprived mums, so it really had a challenge to take on. But we were very pleasantly surprised by the results. After just a week on twice-daily use, we found that eye bags and fine lines were reduced and there was no hint of irritation in sight. One tester was hesitant to give any eye cream a go, as every other product they had tried had resulted in instant stinging and redness, but that wasn’t the case with this gentle option.

We tried it as a moisturiser mid acne breakout; as a lip balm for chapped lips; a foot treatment for sore, aching bunions; a body balm for dry, itchy skin; and even as an intensive overnight scalp treatment. Each time we were blown away by the results. This is a true desert island product.

We put this one to the test on extremely sore, broken, unhappy skin, and this butter was as gentle as could be. Where nothing else had worked to heal the problem area (not even prescription creams), this one did the job in less than a week with a twice-daily application. You can’t really get a better review than that.

Price comparison

We also loved that the pot comes complete with a metal measuring spoon, to ensure you use the perfect amount each time. Although this product contains no THC, we felt so chilled out after using it that our arms and legs were almost jelly like. And the sleep that followed was blissful. This is definitely one to save for a luxury bedtime routine.

We were impressed with how nourishing the balm was – we put it to the test on someone working in the cold outdoors and another person with very sore, chapped lips and the results were the same: a protected, hydrated and healed pout. A few days of use was all that was needed to fully sort out ongoing issues, but the intense moisturisation was felt immediately and lasted well. The only downside is the plastic packaging, but despite the low price, this beat many other expensive contenders.

By applying a CBD product topically, you can support the skin’s own immune system and encourage the process of healing – easing inflammation and pain transmission to reduce redness, swelling and irritation almost immediately. With prolonged use, and with the use of oral CBD too, the effects go deeper, working to rebalance your body internally and throughout the layers of the skin.

There might literally be no better way to unwind after a long day than soaking in the tub with a scoop of these super strong CBD bath salts. Our weary muscles simply rejoiced while being enveloped by the relieving and restorative blend of CBD, arnica, magnesium and epsom salts, complemented by a mind-clearing scent of rosemary and eucalyptus.