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cannafused relief cream 1 1 thc cbd

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The Canna Hemp ™ Relief Cream is lightweight and non-greasy. Plus, the formula is vegan!

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Canna Hemp™ Elixir

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Our award-winning transdermal (full absorption through all layers of the skin to the blood stream) cream delivers fast-acting effects as well as cold & heat therapy.

CBD Elixir Calm (1000mg)


Capturing the therapeutic effect of the whole plant by using Full Spectrum
Extracts is what we accomplish in our salves.

Apply the salve liberally to the affected area and gently massage until
completely absorbed. Repeat as often as needed. Store in a cool to room
temperature place to preserve freshness. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Discontinue if irritation occurs.
All of our products are tested by an ORELAP OLCC Lab and are 100% pesticide,
solvent, mold, fungicide, and contaminant free. They are processed in small
batches to maintain quality and consistency. We are committed to providing
safe and reliable products for your utmost well-being.
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Oregon Compliance and Potency Testing By Green Leaf Labs.

Chronic Pain

Available in 1 OZ./30G size.