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We were hoping to try out the standard CBD salve that’s so popular among CBD users, but the one from Cannabidiol Life was out of stock during this review. Instead, we had the opportunity to try their CBD body butter; a whole plant industrial hemp extract that contained 110mg of CBD. Altogether, this body butter would be most effective for minor sunburns, rashes, and other irritations across the skin.

Expected Price Range: $4.95 (CBD gummies sample size) to $305 (CBD Extreme Relief Bundle)

Cannabidiol Life offers a massive array of different CBD products, so we didn’t get the opportunity to try absolutely everything they have. We did get to try our fair share of different products, though, to make our review as fair as possible. Overall, we tried to review one of each type of product. Let’s break down our personal experience with Cannabidiol Life’s products.

CBG Isolate

Tested to be 98+% pure CBG isolate, this product was meant to either be added to your preferred CBD oil or just taken on an empty stomach. We tried both methods, eager to see if there were any noticeable signs of relief with just CBG alone. Overall, we found there to be more noticeable effects when taken in combination with CBD, but still noticed relief when taking the CBG by itself.

With their purpose in mind, we were excited to be able to review the products Cannabidiol Life has to offer. They have a tremendous variety to offer. We’re going to just touch on as many of their CBD and CBG products that we can to make this review fair and properly comprehensive.

Certifications: USDA Organic and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified

Also known as tinctures, Cannabidiol Life’s CBD oil is a 100% organic, full-spectrum formula with a natural, strong hemp flavor. We tested the 750mg bottle, which made one serving size of approximately 25mg CBD. We put the drops under our tongue for at least 60 seconds, though we’d recommend doing it for 90 seconds to maximize the effects.

When he stumbled upon CBD, he was emphatic. Christopher began to research all there is to know about hemp and its predominant and fascinating cannabinoid, CBD. He noticed the claims were scattered. One page would site CBD’s pain-relieving benefits while another would note its anti-inflammatory effects, but there wasn’t a place for comprehensive information about the plant. He felt ought to change that and created Cannabidiol Life, a website filled with CBD information.

The compassionate and dedicated team at Cannabidiol Life is committed to sharing comprehensive information and research conducted on CBD. They strive to change the negative perception surrounding hemp and hemp products and believe that change will only occur with proper education.

Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Oils come in several convenient options like 50 mg CBD Oil Shots or a CBD Oil Disposable Vape Pen. Cannabidiol Life Oil tinctures come in four different potencies to meet the anyone’s needs from chronic, severe pain to mild discomfort.


The extraction artists of Cannabidiol Life execute premiere techniques to craft their CBD oils. Through the slow and challenging process of hemp cradling in 100% organic ethanol, Cannabidiol Life yields incredible concentrate. First, hemp flowers are submerged in food-grade ethanol and brought to a very low boil. While the flowers are being boiled at low-heat the plant is “cradled,” meaning the molecules locked inside the trichomes are lightly rocked back and forth. This natural friction produces just enough molecular movement to create a vapor containing all of the desirable characteristics of the hemp plant. That vapor is converted back into a liquid, then blended into Cannabidiol Life products.

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At Cannabidiol Life, we aren’t against traditional medicines, but we do believe from our extensive research and studies in the potential healing power of a natural, nature producing plant, known as CBD (cannabidiol); along with it’s full entourage of cannabinoids.

Products on this site contain a value of 0.3% or less THC (or no more than 0.3% THC).