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Our goal is to provide alternative medicine that will reverse and prevent disease. Our results have proven that, the best way to heal the body and mind is naturally without relying on industrial produced pharmaceuticals or opiods

Blended shea and infused coconut oils, along with assorted essential oils and Vitamin E will help subside a wide variety of conditions, but not limited to eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, shingles, scar tissue, varying degrees of acne and so much more. Available in both 2oz and 4oz sizes.

Our Promise to You

With assorted essential oils, capsaicin, and cannabis infused oils, this gentle yet warming salve will help alleviate swelling and pain in those sore joints and muscles. Available in both 15ml and 75ml sizes.

We understand that not all products work for everyone. We carry a large amount of products that can work for your individual health needs. You can count on us to have the highest quality alternative health products on our shelves.

Topicals to help with varying conditions

To get started with your first dose of CBD, you will want to give the bottle a good shake. The company recommends you release 1 full dropper under your tongue and hold it there for

Don’t expect instant healing or feelings of well-being immediately with these CBD tinctures. In fact, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The hemp/CBD used is not psychoactive either, which means you will not process/feel the effects in the brain like you would when consuming decarboxylated THC; you will not feel “high” when consuming this product.

Orange Flavor – 100mg:

The health benefits of grape seed oil itself are controversial. Grape seed oil is mostly proanthocyanidin and has been studied for its antioxidant and cardiovascular properties. Grape seed oil is also high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-6 fatty acids. According to the American Heart Association, these fatty acids may be beneficial to your heart if they are substituted for saturated fats and trans fats in your diet.

As you may expect from products using different ingredients/additives, each flavor has a unique terpene profile that will likely produce slightly different effects. The terpene profile for the peppermint flavor mainly contains D-limonene (.96%). This is much more than the orange flavor, which only contains (.017%). This is a bit surprising given the fact that limonene tends to have a very citrusy aroma (typical of oranges). Regardless, limonene is known for its ability to help suppress the growth of many species of fungi and bacteria, making it an ideal anti-fungal agent. The orange flavor has virtually no limonene in it (or any terpenes for that matter), so if you are interested in limonene, you may want to stick to the peppermint flavor.

“Optimal health depends on the proper balance of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. Most people already get more than enough omega-6 fatty acids in their diets and not nearly enough omega-3s.”

Here are the basic instructions for each method.

Are your friends raving about CBD tincture, but you have no idea what they’re talking about? Been smoking so much Blue Dream lately that you’ve lost a few weeks, months, or years?

Once the alcohol and marijuana plant matter are combined, the alcohol dissolves the trichomes , cannabinoids, terpenes , flavonoids, and other chemical goodies and holds them in solution (kind of like mixing up a batch of Kool-Aid).

Can You Make Your Own CBD Tincture?

The label will give you the serving size in milliliters (ml) or droppers. It will also give you the amount of CBD per serving. From there, you can figure out how many milliliters you need to take to reach the number indicated on the chart above.

Those factors include:

So it’s safe to say that even doses up to 1,500 milligrams for an extended period of time (eg., four weeks) are safe and won’t cause any negative side effects.

Tinctures of any kind are the easiest and most discreet form of marijuana you can take. That’s because CBD tincture is administered a few drops at a time under your tongue.