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can you test positive to marijuana eating cbd infused gummies

Other states, such as likeCalifornia, Montana, Oregon, and Washington have laws to assure that companies located in those states do not have to provide “reasonable accommodations” for people who use medical marijuana, and leave it up to each employer to decide, Reidy says. In those states, though, it’s still worth asking your company’s HR department about it if you’ve failed a drug test for marijuana after taking CBD.

It’s also possible that over time, the small amounts of THC allowed in CBD products could build up in the body to detectable levels.

“I wasn’t familiar with CBD at the time,” Ross says. But he and his partner appreciated that J.C. addressed the situation. “He was really talented as a video editor, and we felt comfortable enough to get past it.”

Small Amounts of THC Can Build Up

Koi CBD told Consumer Reports in a statement about the lawsuit: “Koi prides itself on providing the highest-quality products while being a leader in the industry. We take claims regarding our products very seriously. We are investigating this matter and the allegations, which at this time, are unproven and unverified. We remain focused on continuing to carefully craft and offer a full array of beneficial cannabinoid products.”

But as more people try it, one unexpected “side effect” could be failing an employer’s drug test, and even losing a job as a result.

Last, some states allow medical CBD products obtained through permitted channels to contain more than 0.3 percent THC. For example, the cutoff in Georgia and Virginia is 5 percent, Sample says, a level that is definitely high enough to cause impairment and a failed drug test.

CBD products often have more THC than claimed, research suggests. For example, a 2017 study in JAMA found that 18 of 84 CBD products, all purchased online, had THC levels possibly high enough to cause intoxication or impairment.

“When an employer is doing a drug test for cannabis, they are looking for the presence of the intoxicating cannabinoid THC, not CBD,” Colbert says. Even in states where weed is legal, an employer can still choose to have a “drug-free” workplace and test to see if you’ve come across any THC lately.

If you want to be extremely cautious, stop using CBD oil a month before a test. If you want to be mildly cautious, stop a week before. Since you’re not doing a specific CBD drug test, if you’re very careful that your CBD oil is THC free, then you should be able to take a general drug test the next day and be fine.

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The world of drug testing is becoming surprisingly complicated. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, while recreational weed is legal in 10 states, but employers can still test employees (or potential hires) for marijuana use all across the country. Add cannabidiol (CBD) to the mix, and things get really confusing.

Make sure to read your labels. Some CBD oils openly contain higher doses of THC. Usually, you’d have to buy these from dispensaries, but you need to make sure you’re getting straight-up CBD if you’re not after any of the psychoactive effects or possible drug testing shenanigans.

“Drug screens are usually five-panel or 10-panel screens and test for other substances in addition to THC-COOH, which is what THC becomes after the body metabolizes it,” Okel says. Typically, you’ll be asked to produce a urine sample, it’ll go through screen tests for THC-COOH and other illegal substances, and you’ll find out if you passed.