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can cbd salve be applied to the clitoris

Pleasure: How Cannabinoids Can Turn You On

Women’s bodies are designed to handle constant change, and our endocannabinoid system is intimately involved.

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Fat-soluble molecules (such as cannabinoids) tend to stay in the area where they’re applied, unless combined with a carrier chemical to help them reach your bloodstream. For this reason, phytocannabinoids applied to the skin are delivered primarily to local nerves, muscles, glands and immune cells.

Curious what’s going on at the microscopic level? According to research on vasodilation in the eyes, THC stimulates the release of other neurotransmitters , particularly nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide causes the smooth muscle of blood vessels to relax and – voila! – the blood vessels dilate and swell with blood. (This same process is also how erectile dysfunction drugs for men work: by releasing nitric oxide.)

Although there are no conclusive studies on the diffusion of phytocannabinoids across skin and mucous membranes, we can make some inferences based on studies of estrogen — which is similar in size and fat-solubility to phytocannabinoids. When women apply estrogen vaginally instead of orally, they end up with much higher concentrations of it in their reproductive tissues . Doctors often encourage women to opt for localized low-dosage hormones , for the very reason that it helps avoid the systemic complications of oral hormone therapy.

Normally containing a carrier oil mixed with either THC oil or CBD oil, Manta recommends applying the pleasure-enhancing formulas to the genitals–specifically, the vulva–as a “marinade” for up to half an hour before engaging in sexual activity (keeping in mind that oils are not latex friendly). Because THC is a vasodilator, there will likely be an increase in blood-flow to the area, something she acknowledged as “one of the hallmarks of arousal.” In addition to engorgement, Manta also noted another major benefit associated with THC-infused lubes–a significant reduction in pain and inflammation, making it possible to engage in comfortable vaginal sex.

A powerful arousal oil for women, this all-natural pre-lube is best used directly on the clitoris, and is said to dramatically heighten excitement, creating a sensation “that pulsates, vibrates, and tingles the most sensitive part of her sensual body.” In addition to being hemp-infused, the oil is cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten, paraben, and glycerin-free.

FORIA Awaken

While the effects of THC-infused lubes vary from person to person, the general consensus seems to be really, really good. “Overall, people tend to report enhanced pleasurable sensations, decreased pain or discomfort, increased lubrication, increased blood flow, and more powerful orgasms,” she revealed. “For me, I don’t actually notice a specific sensation when it’s applied, but after the 25 minutes has lapsed I notice that there’s no pain with penetration and my clit can handle more direct stimulation than usual.” She also relayed that some people don’t feel a difference after application, but then have “a massively more powerful orgasm.”

With hemp as the key ingredient, this all-natural, topical lube is intended to enhance your sexual experience, whether through greater sensation or deeper relaxation. The creators suggest Awaken may increase arousal, promote natural lubrication, and make orgasms fuller and more intense. Suggested for relieving physical tension and discomfort, this personal lubricant may help reduce pain, as well.

Ingredients: Jasmine; Coconut; Argan; Cannabis