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brother jonathan’s cbd tincture

is an early American emblem of New England, and a pre-cursor to the Uncle Sam character. The phrase “We must consult Brother Jonathan” is attributed to General George Washington in reference to Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull ‒ the only British-born governor to side with American revolutionaries in America’s war for independence from Great Britain. The Brother Jonathan’s Alchemy brand is built on the same work ethic and independent values embraced by our nation’s founders.

White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate Available in:

topical salve

High CBD salve for topical application. Commonly used for treating arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint pain. Each package contains 150 mg of cannabis oil.

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) tinctures infused with high quality cannabis oil. Each package contains 300mg of tincture. Each 1ml serving size contains 10mg of cannabis oil.

Delicious chocolate bars infused with high quality cannabis oil. Each package contains six servings. Each serving contains 10mg of cannabis oil.

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ATG sells both medical and adult-use cannabis, though adult-use consumers will need to make an appointment in advance, and those fill up very quickly. If you happen to be a medical patient or don’t mind booking a slot, be sure to check out ATG’s Brother Jonathan’s high-CBD chocolate. It comes in either dark or white chocolate and offers a little midday pick-me-up that also happens to taste delicious.


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$60 for a half-gram pod at NETA

While hemp-derived CBD products are easy to find online, those products aren’t required to be tested for potency or contaminants. Buying from a state-licensed cannabis shop, on the other hand, means your CBD choices meet the same standards as any other product on the store shelf.

Honestly edibles just work different for everyone. Brother Jonathan's won't do a thing to me. I could do the whole bottle and still nothing but I know people who do a droplet and they're on their ass. Everyone's body reacts different

Yes this is true. There was a RMD agent who explained it to me real well. It has to do with a certain enzyme in the human liver. Not every human is born with this enzyme and some humans have more of it. This enzyme is what's responsible for filtering the THC/getting you high. I'm hoping someone will reply with more knowledge on this background because I can confindetally say edibles dont do a damn thing to me but if I smoke a whole gram preroll I get WRECKED

I am one of those people who could drink the bottle and not feel it. That’s how it goes most of the time for me. And it’s definitely not tolerance based, I’ve used edibles at times when I had no tolerance. I really don’t get it. The only edible that has really worked was 1620 lemonade (made by a guy in mass, not in stores sadly).

has anyone had brother Jonathan's alchemy tincture before? I have the sativa and it just seems to fail me every time. I've tried it under my tongue, in coffee, in a mango smoothie, all to no avail anyone else have this problem? or did I get a bad batch

I think it is something to do with body composition/genetics and some people just aren’t affected. However that doesn’t stop me from trying edibles whenever I can. I keep hoping I’ll find one that works consistently. But unfortunately I need like 100mg at least to even hope to feel it. Who knows ??‍♀️