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Our organic CBD oil is naturally more effective than other CBD Oils on the market.



Here at Body and Mind Botanicals we have perfected the cold press extraction method which allows us to extract all the cannabinoids from the plant whilst maintaining its raw and natural properties to make the best CBD Oil available. This is one of the traditional extraction methods and is the only way to ensure that the product never touches any solvents or chemicals. By keeping the product as close to nature as possible, it is very high in CBDa (the raw version of CBD) which is believed to interact with the body even better than CBD. All of the hemp used in our oil is carefully cultivated in certified organic farms.

CBD Oil Strength:


CBD Infused Body Butter 350mg

I had given up hope and just assumed I was going to spend the rest of my life in pain and not sleeping well. One afternoon my lower back was hurting so bad I had to give up working in the yard, I stopped by my neighbor and she asked was was wrong that I didn’t look so good. I told her my back hurt so bad I felt as though I was going to throw up. She handed me a jar of this butter and said just try it, it can’t hurt. And I am a huge skeptic. I rubbed it deeply in to my lower back and just sat there, within 20 minutes I could “absolutely” not believe the difference, the pain had subsided to the point I no longer felt like I was going to throw up and my back actually felt better. There was so much relief I was amazed. I will never go without this butter. I have my mom on it now for her arthritis in her hands too. It actually works for her great too. I ordered it for my brother and he was amazed too. I am no longer skeptical, it has relived my neck pain, knee pain and arm pain. Sounds unbelievable right. Well BELIEVE it. This stuff really works. I was on anti-inflammatories twice a day for the last 4 years, well no more unless I buck hay or do something really stupid. Try it what have you got to lose except the pain you are feeling.

I bought this because I was looking for a higher dose CBD product that would help with my anxiety, stomach issues, and the occasional sleepless night. I got all of that from this! My favorite part is that it doesn’t taste like fake mint and isn’t too strong. Thank you!! I will be back when I finish this one!


Helps my deteriorating disk in my back instantly

This was a repeat order. I have a great deal of trouble with insomnia and I really do believe that taking this at night is a sleep aid for me. The flavor is very pleasant too!

I love this product. I have recommended Hummingbird Body Butter to many of my friends.

I have tried many products of CBD this one is the best. Is it because the hemp oil extract is from the flower? Other extracts are from the seeds of hemp.

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