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Green Roads said in a statement, “Maintaining the purity and quality of our products is always our top priority and so we are pleased that NBC 10’s findings align with the third-party lab report we make available to every consumer through QR coding on our packaging. This accuracy and transparency has been a hallmark of the Green Roads brand since its inception.”

We bought a CBD lollipop for $7. The box it came in advertises that each lollipop has 25 milligrams of CBD, but the lab found just half a milligram in the one it tested.

Other products came close to the amount of CBD advertised on their labels, like Reliva CBD Relief Cream. Several companies explained the variation between what was advertised on the label and what the lab found by telling us that CBD products can start to break down if they’re not stored properly, or are exposed to swings in temperature.

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Select also said it stands behind their product and testing. A spokeswoman wrote in an email, “As an industry leader, we are committed to testing transparency and education for our customers. We stand by our ISO-certified laboratory test results, highest industry-standard practices and quality control to ensure the overall efficacy and the best product experience possible.”

The testing was all over the board. Some products tested just as advertised like Green Roads CBD Oil, Select CBD Drops and Ralph’s Organic Garden CBD Salve.

According to the testing by MCR Labs, some of the other CBD products we had tested had significantly more or less than advertised.

Dr. Kevin Hill at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center said the overwhelming demand for CBD products has turned the market into what he calls the “Wild, Wild West.”

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