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books on making cbd salves and creams

So what do you get when you bring all the health benefits of coconut oil and combine it with the therapeutic value of CBD? This miracle worker, which can be eaten on its own, mixed in your smoothies or slathered on your sore muscles and joints since it's non-psychoactive, all natural, vegan, and free of gluten, sugar, GMOs, toxins, THC and anything else artificial. Go ahead, have some fun with this stuff.

Not quite as powerful as some of the other salves or creams on this list, Red Feather Releaf Salve packs just 80mg of CBD; but it's just as helpful in dealing with aches and pains.

OK, so this technically isn't a CBD crream or salve, but the Biovelle CBD Coconut Oil is similar as some of these other products mentioned, as it offers up quick relief for pain — among other well-being solutions.

Derived from raw hemp oil, this 150mg cream contains no THC (the cannabis extract that gives you the giggles and munchies), so you can rub it on joints or painful muscles without being toast at work. A unique combo of CBD, crisp menthol and moisturizing aloe delivers targeted pain relief to joints, muscles and ligaments.

Offering 250mg of CBD, the Elite Hemp Products CBD Cream is a solid starter option for those curious or just getting into using CBD for pain relief.

Thanks to the THC-free, broad spectrum CBD, this 850mg pain cream from Pachamama helps soothe sore muscles and joints fast and effectively when used regularly. With a combination of powerful oils and herbs — like menthol to cool the area causing pain, and capsaicin to block communication between nerves and enhance blood flow — your body can heal itself naturally, helping you get back in the action faster without worry.

There are tons of products on the market that promise pain relief, but many people are turning to the CBD industry for an answer to the aches they experience in daily activity. Whether it's sore muscles from a workout, or dealing with neck pain from a bad night's rest, CBD creams and salves are helping people recover faster — and all-naturally.

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CBD is specific to the Cannabis sativa plant and does not occur in any other plant. However, similar cannabinoid-like chemistry can be found throughout the plant kingdom, such as the terpene beta-caryophyllene in black pepper, cloves, and carnations, which has affinity for CB2 receptors.³ More studies are needed to understand the relationship of cannabinoids like CBD and cannabinoid-like substances in other plants to the endocannabinoid system as well as their effects and usefulness for humans and animals.

I have personally made medicine with cannabis flowers, and these recipes taught me even more than I ever imagined. The chapters on extraction methods are especially helpful. Who knew that putting an infusion in the freezer would prevent a grainy texture? Wonderful! Minty Chocolate Lip Balm sounds just too irresistible to pass up, and perhaps my chocolate mint growing in the garden can now be of some use in my kitchen. CBD is healing for skin problems, so the Whipped Chocolate Body Butter seems mighty tempting, with the lusciousness of chocolate combined with the healing qualities of CBD. It may seem complicated to make tinctures or spa products, but taken step-by-step your home kitchen, can turn into a personal pharmacy of helpful CBD products. From selecting the right product to the final creation, the information here is a treasure trove.