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blue moon hemp cbd tincture

It is worth noting that this hemp is grown in Kentucky, which is a jurisdiction with the most rigorous hemp farming protocols in the world. This speaks to the high quality of the hemp from which Blue Moon Hemp extracts its products.

This manufacturer takes a step further to assure its customers of the veracity of their claims on their customers products contents. They contract the services of a third-party lab, and the lab report is available for the perusal of all interested parties.

Blue Moon Hemp was established in 2015. The company seeks to contribute to making CBD benefits known and available to as many people as possible. They pursue this goal by developing a wide variety of products and defining their price points in a manner that enables different categories of people to afford.

About The Brand

Blue Moon Hemp CBD

Their products have a considerable consistency in composition because they use hemp from one genetic strain that is grown by a single farmer. This means that besides genetics, the husbandry of their hemp is also consistent through time. All the hemp they process is organic and entirely non-GMO.

CBD-medical marijuana is a relatively new industry. It follows that companies in this nascent industry have to train people. They need to inform them about what they are doing and the benefits of what they have to offer. Blue Moon Hemp is no exception. Since commissioning in 2015, this company has sold over a million bottles of different CBD products, including CBD oil tinctures for humans and pets. They specialize in hemp CBD as their raw material, and the hemp they use comes from a single farm in Kentucky, USA. The following is a Blue Moon Hemp review.

Besides hemp, Blue Moon uses other natural ingredients to enhance the effects of their products on users. We shall discuss these ingredients later as we analyze individual products.

As always, we can only recommend buying it from the official Blue Moon Hemp website. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund by returning the product(s) in question with the contents intact and unused. Unfortunately, it is NOT a money-back guarantee because the item(s) must be unopened, and all refunds are at the company’s discretion.

Final Verdict – 8.5/10

It is already a multi-billion-dollar market with thousands of vendors, which means it isn’t always easy to determine whether a company is on the level or selling you rubbish. Our reviews are designed to help you spend your money on quality CBD. Today, we turn our scrutiny to Blue Moon Hemp.

Where Can I Purchase Blue Moon Hemp Products?

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This CBD tincture consists of cold-pressed hemp oil , and Blue Moon uses high-speed emulsion and nano-technology to ensure the greatest level of bio-availability. We used the berry flavored low-strength bottle and were happy with the sweet taste. However, we would recommend the natural tasting option if you like the taste of hemp, or simply consume too many sweet things during the course of the day.

As CBD is not FDA-approved as a form of medical treatment, Blue Moon Hemp has wisely labeled their products as ‘wellness’ supplements. All of its CBD products contain 0% THC, and eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods are utilized. Blue Moon Hemp also claims to provide a ‘plant only’ product with no artificial ingredients or additives. Their special formulation technique uses non-GMO, organic products.

For the standard of CBD these edibles, this offers decent value for money. It’s a shame that the melatonin option is only available in one size, but the brand still offers more variety than many others.

The TruBlu CBD tinctures come in at a reasonable value starting at $19 a bottle for the 125 mg option to $209 for the 3000 mg option. The higher in CBD strength you select, the cheaper the cost per mg of CBD. Its range sits between According to Blue Moon Hemp, these supplements can be used for a multitude of benefits on a daily basis. There are no specific use cases recommended on the website. However, CBD oils are generally a versatile product..07-The price per mg of CBD ranges between With so many CBD brands on the market claiming to provide the best products, it can be challenging to sift the good guys from the bad in a highly unregulated industry. You’ve got some companies offering snake oil, bottling contaminated ingredients, or even making grandiose promises on its products..07-4 / 5.15 per mg. It’s more cost-effective to opt for the stronger potencies. Overall, the TruBlu CBD Tinctures are priced competitively on the market where the average price of CBD ranges between Cost per mg CBD:.10-4 / 5.16 per mg of CBD..14 per mg. This is the standard price on the market for CBD oils.

These oils are a great introduction for beginners for its low potency range to test the waters. Those who need an ultra-high potency CBD oil will be looked after in this collection too. The potency range varies from 4.14 – 100 mg/mL.

CBD Potency 5/5

The TrueBlu formula is a straightforward recipe — cold-pressed hempseed oil, CBD isolate extract and natural flavors. This is fairly common in the industry, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it is effective. The “nano-technology” Blue Moon Hemp talks about in its product description isn’t exclusive to this company. It’s quickly becoming a standard in the industry to immerse high concentrations of CBD with a lipid base.

These CBD oils have a simple recipe of pure hemp seed oil, CBD isolate, and natural flavors. According to the Blue Moon Hemp, the extracts are made using supercritical CO2 extraction from organic hemp crops grown and processed in Kentucky, USA.

This review will guide you through Blue Moon Hemp’s TruBlu CBD Tinctures.