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blue moon hemp cbd gummy review

The cannabidiol used in Blue Moon Hemp products is CBD isolate, meaning that all of the other components naturally present in hemp have been removed. Some people like that approach, because hemp contains a minuscule amount (less than 0.3%) of psychoactive THC. That’s nowhere near enough to get you high, but may occasionally (very rarely) cause a positive drug test.

Blue Moon Hemp’s CBD products are much less expensive than those sold by high-end vendors that you’ll find online, or even in your local CBD store. In fact, some are as much as 50% cheaper.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oils and Capsules

Most states don’t regulate them. Some industry groups or publications issue awards and certifications, but they don’t have any power to regulate, either.

We wouldn’t put Blue Moon Hemp on our shortlist of the best CBD producers. But they’re a very good vendor to check out if you don’t want to spend top dollar for CBD oil, vape juice, or other products.

These vape juices all have a fairly high concentration of CBD, at 33mg/ml. They are not meant to be administered sublingually (under the tongue), the way that regular CBD oil is dosed.

The brand put lots of effort to provide you with an assortment of CBD goods that no other competitor can boast of. On their website, you can find everything from CBD shutters to CBD and Hemp Oil Pod Systems and bundles. The choice is indeed an embarrassment of riches, but we’re going to review the top ones.

Overall, Blue Moon met, and even exceeded, our expectations in terms of its liability, focus on customers’ wishes, and eminent products of well-known, excellent reputation. Among other things, the brand longs to retain its place in the CBD market not for the sake of revenues, but for the sake of helping people with numerous health problems. That’s what makes the company recognized, appreciated, and loved.

Blue Moon Hemp Products

The founders of the company carried one thought throughout the product development process – to foster better emotional states and relieve pain. With this motto in mind, they sought the most effective technology to create a unique formula that could save millions from physical and mental suffering. As soon as they found the right biochemical equilibrium in the hemp plants, they managed to take all the goodness of its organic CBD oil and generously pour it into bottles. Now, Blue Moon Hemp’s unique methods of extraction open a bouquet of useful components of the hemp plant.

Along with perks, Blue Moon also has some negatives which should be paid attention to. For example, the brand doesn’t feature lab test results under each product. This is not a catastrophe in the framework of one company, but when customers don’t see an official proof of quality which the brand swears by, the likelihood of buying their goods decreases. It’d also be a plus if Blue Moon included short descriptions of what concentration of CBD to take, otherwise many users could take a wrong dose.

The company which so many people opt for has lots of merits to dwell on. First is their aspiration to supreme product quality that makes the goods easily absorbed and with long-lasting effects. Second is the brand’s endless attention to customer’s needs. They introduced a wide range of products with different flavors, as well as potency and strength levels to satisfy every client and customize the goods according to everyone’s preferences. And third is the company’s costs that make every product from the line affordable and attainable.

Blue Moon Hemp is proud to offer some of the best-tasting CBD Gummies and Edibles on the market. Our CBD gummies feature our CBD Isolate and nutraceutical blends to support you, day and night. These plant-powered CBD gummies combine top-grade cannabidiol extract with natural flavors, to deliver a delicious and effective treat.

As with any Blue Moon Hemp product, our CBD gummies are guaranteed to be safe, pure, and consistent and fully traceable from seed to shelf. None of our Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil products are ever manufactured with artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors, and are all gluten-free and non-GMO. We are committed to creating fully transparent, high-quality hemp CBD products.