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best vape pens for cbd isolate

Most CBD vape pens are designed to vaporize e-liquids, which are made up of a base of VG/PG, coconut-derived MCT oil, or other compounds plus flavoring and the active ingredient: CBD.

Although most concentrates contain THC as the main active ingredient, CBD-rich versions are starting to appear as well.

Best Full Spectrum CBD Pen

How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Pen

Meanwhile, if you have some experience with vaping or know that you will be vaping CBD more seriously, it’s better to invest in a standalone, refillable pen.

If you’re just getting started with vaping and/or CBD, the pens from CBDfx are a great choice thanks to their numerous flavors, simple design, and low strength.

Fab CBD is an excellent choice if you’re in need of a high-strength disposable vape pen. It provides 500 mg of CBD in a 0.5 ml tank, which translates to a potency of 1000 mg per ml: one of the strongest CBD vape pens you’ll find on the market.

If you’re new to CBD, it’s best to start with a relatively small concentration: about 10-30 mg of CBD per ml of liquid). Look for a disposable CBD pen or refillable pen and separate vape juice with this level of CBD potency.

All of their CBD vape pens contain 100mg of CBD isolate housed in a 1ml vape pen. These CBD vape pens come pre-filled and ready to vape — perfect for CBD beginners as well as for on-the-go.

CBDfx uses only USA-grown, 100% organic hemp for their CBD vape pens. They have one of the largest selections of flavors for CBD vape pens and they come in the same delicious flavors as their highly-rated CBD ejuice. For fast and effective relief, CBDfx makes the best CBD vape pens in 2021, hands down.

Avida’s CBD vape pens come fully charged and will last for a few hundred puffs. Their CBD vape pens contain no detectable levels of THC so you won’t get high. What you will get are the immediate wellness effects of CBD.


CBD vape pens are an easy and convenient way to dose your CBD. Quite simply put, a CBD vape pen is a pen shaped device used to vape CBD. There are two types of CBD vape pens: disposable and refillable.

Nu-X makes slim and convenient disposable CBD pens. They carry 5 awesome flavors, each one containing 150mg of 100% hemp-derived CBD. A few of their best flavors are their Sedona (lemon cake), Azure (pine, coconut, strawberries and banana) and Oceana (OG Kush with blueberry).

They carry 5 delicious flavors to choose from including Blue Razz, Berry Grape, & Chilled Kiwi Strawberry. They also carry a flavorless CBD vape pen.

Flavored vapes are great but if you like the earthy taste of CBD strains, naturally flavored disposables are even better. TribeTokes lets nature provide the flavor by offering 12 different strains of CBD such as Mango Haze, Juicy Fruit, and Northern Lights which are naturally flavored by terpenes. Aside from the terpenes, their disposable CBD vapes contain only one other ingredient: pure full spectrum CBD oil. They contain no MCT, PG, PEG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate. All of their CBD vapes are manufactured right in the U.S.A in California.

Returns: 30-day returns on unopened and unused products, minus shipping


Remember, while vaping CBD can be pleasant and fast acting, your lungs are not indestructible, and just because CBD is on the label doesn’t mean a product is healthy to inhale. If you are going to vape, however, there are a few things you must know:

10. Wink Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Company: We love the idea of using CBD alongside essential oils for a balanced experience, and Farmacy Bliss is dedicated to providing “a daily dose of relief for a balanced life.” As for their flavor, they’re altogether a little more subtle — and an absolute standout. Shying away from overtly cannabis flavors, Farmacy Bliss uses terpenes to bring out the surprising taste of blueberry in its CBDeliver Vape pen.

The brand’s CBD is sourced from hemp grown in Montana, Oregon, and Kentucky in accordance with farm bill regulations. The vapes are filled with CBD made with isolate, MCT oil, and essential oils, and each contains 125 to 250 milligrams of CBD, depending on your preference. Since they are crafted from isolate, they contain no THC.


Returns: Returns of all unused and unopened products are accepted for 30 days following receipt of your order. Send back for a refund less 15% handling charge and the shipping costs