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best under eye cbd cream

Our CBD hemp infused anti-aging cream is designed to visibly smooth the under eye area as well as tighten and lighten.

Scientist believe that CBD is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and this is why it’s a chemist’s dream ingredient for skincare, especially in areas such as the eyes that are prone to puffiness and swelling.

Our CBD under eye cream product is a winning combination when incorporated into your daily and nightly routine as a partner with our face creams. The skin under your eye is ten times thinner than the rest of the skin on your face and it’s often one of the first areas to show signs of aging.

Anti-Aging ingredients:

Fine lines and wrinkles come from both sun damage and your skin making less collagen as you age. Collagen helps maintain skin’s elasticity while peptides and retinol boost collagen production.

Experience the best of CBD in our CBD Under Eye Cream, formulated to fight puffiness with CBD’s natural ability to fight inflammation. With daily use in the morning and at night your eyes may appear brighter and lighter, radiate health, regain firmness and elasticity and remain hydrated and moisturized.

Finding the right under eye cream is a very important step in any anti-aging regimen.

Our original formula contains ingredients that have been proven to provide the following benefits. We took this formula and improved it by adding 50mg of CBD.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles under your eye with CBD Eye Cream by Enflower. Enhanced with rejuvenating vitamins to protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions.

Nourish your under-eye skin with this luxurious TriBeauty CBD Eye Cream by TribeTokes. Full of anti-aging ingredients, simply dabbing a small amount under each eye to help reduce Crow’s Feet, baggy eyes, discoloration and more.

Enflower – CBD Eye Cream

Reduce the look of dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes with CBD Under Eye Cream by Pure Hemp. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help soothe puffiness with only a small amount applied in the morning and at night.

Diminish under-eye discoloration and sagging skin with Under-Eye Serum by CBD American Shaman. Apply this penetrating eye serum once or twice a day to replenish the natural shape of your under-eyes with the power of CBD hemp oil concentrate.

Regain firmness and elasticity in your sagging tired eyes with CBD Under Eye Cream by CBD BioCare. The skin under your eyes are very think and thus prone to fine lines and signs of aging. Simply use this cream twice a day for brighter and lighter looking under-eyes thanks to the moisturizing power of CBD.

But CBD is a beauty buzzword too, the latest ingredient slapped on the labels of skincare, makeup, and more. And it does have some credibility in the beauty benefits department. “Research suggests CBD has significant natural anti-inflammatory properties. In topical applications, these properties could result in reduced puffiness, redness, and irritation,” explains Coco Meers, CEO and co-founder of Equilibria, a CBD company for women that recently launched topical products. Credit the fact that it’s a potent antioxidant; it also has been shown to reduce oil production, making it a good acne-fighter as well.

Then there’s the concentration question. While there’s no agreed-upon amount that’s needed in order to be beneficial, it’s important to read the ingredient label and make sure that CBD, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, or full-spectrum hemp extract (all synonyms for CBD) are listed towards the beginning. At the end of the day, no matter how you’re using it, CBD is still somewhat of the wild, wild west. “This is an unregulated market, and marketers are definitely taking advantage of the industry buzz,” says Meers.

Oh, and the beauty benefits don’t end there. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban, CBD can also boost skin hydration and create a slight plumping effect, a major plus for anyone looking to improve the look of fine lines. Additionally, she considers it an excellent choice for managing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

The big (big) caveat here? Just because you see the word ‘CBD’ on a label doesn’t mean you’re going to actually be getting CBD and all those good-for-your-skin benefits. Many products simply use hemp seed oil, which yes, is a good moisturizer but doesn’t contain any cannabinoids like CBD, the compounds that contain the aforementioned benefits.

CBD is undoubtedly the current golden child of the wellness world, touted in everything from bottled water to dog treats, as a solution for pain, anxiety, sleeping issues, you name it. (As a quickie reminder, CBD stands for cannabidiol, a type of plant-based compound known as a cannabinoid that’s found in the flower and leaves of the hemp plant. But no, it’s not psychoactive and won’t get you high.)