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best cbd tincture reddit

I bought some across from Satchels, any place have better prices?

Your best options are online if you want quality AND value. I buy CBD flower from and the Reddit CBD community has compiled this list of vetted products:

There is a huge rush to get into this market before the craze dies down. That means lots of substandard, low-quality products from distributors who don't care about anything but making some quick money. It's often impure, the potency is wildly different from what it says on the label, and sometimes it's even tested to contain synthetic cannabinoids which can have some serious side effects. Some retailers also jack the prices up a LOT due to the demand. Be careful out there. I haven't found CBD anywhere locally that is worth buying.

I use CBDistillerey. Full spectrum oil is the way to go for anxiety but I do have to warn you that there IS and effect you feel from it. It’s like a calm feel over your body that rids the anxiety and might make you a tiny bit drowsy in larger doses but that’s just how CBD is and it’s not anywhere near the same as smoking weed and getting high.

I'm looking for the best CBD Oil for generalized anxiety. Something that I can take right before a meeting or interview or social event. Definitely do not want to be high at all, just chill. What are the best brands for this and what is the most effective way to administer it? I'm located in NJ if that helps.

My best method for killing my constant anxiety is 1-3 drops under the tongue of 500mg full spectrum 15ml tincture 3-4 times daily and I have to say it works wonders for me and I was skeptical at first

Definitely give it a try cause tbh the effects of CBD like drowsiness or a slight high feel are nowhere near as bad as they will be smoking regular weed or taking prescription anxiety meds. I stand by my CBD oil.