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best cbd tincture high potency reddit

Dosecann CBD capsules. The only ones in the market that use Ahi flower oil for their products. Ahi flower oil is rich in Omega-3 and 6. I have been using their 1:4 capsules for a while now and I’m very happy with it. I have really bad back pain and these capsules help me a lot.

I've tried the Symbl and just recently the Daily Special capsules.

I like Medipharm Labs. High quality. They have the CBD 25 oil and 50. I have never been disappointed

Edison's CBD Oil is a great. Its uses sunflower oil as it's carrier.

Can you describe the effects/benefits that you feel from that oil? How does it compare to other oils you've tried? 🙂

Live in AL so idk if it's even legal here? Rest of this post is just additional info that may or may not matter.

Wife has been using Funky Farms 1000mg dropper that we found at a vape shop, but I don't think it's full spectrum (doesn't say so on bottle). Main use is to try to treat some digestive issues as recommended by her Dr.

Dr. Is apparently not allowed to help us with getting/choosing product so we are on our own with this. That doesn't really sound right to me either, but that's what we were told, apparently they want to avoid legal issues.

So far the one she is using is working, and it's working on other issues she has that we didn't know it would help. Her anxiety is reduced, sleeps better, pain is somewhat reduced, digestion/cravings seem to be a bit better, etc. Idk if it's placebo but at this point we want to up the dosage to 2000mg and go for the combined effects of a full spectrum CBD oil. Wether it contains THC or not is a non issue for her.