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best cbd gummies pain relief reddit

Solei Free or go medicinal.

Getting him a quick medical prescription would help. Download NamasteMD app, do a quick on the phone interview and then purchase directly from the producer. I got my dad pure CBD oil from Broken Coast for his Parkinson's and it's the closest thing to magic I have ever seen.

Yes I second this. For your grandfather I highly suggest seeing a doctor or cannabis professional. We don’t know if it could interact with any medication he is on. And it could also be covered by his health insurance.

If he's using it for medical purposes, he should get a prescription. Not only will he be able to write off the purchases, and get access to better service/selection/prices outside the OCS (I highly recommend Tantalus), but it's also VERY important to consult an educated medical professional before starting use. CBD can interfere with the uptake many medications commonly taken by older people, in much the same fashion as grapefruit.

All that being said it sounds like your grandpa and you should be looking into the medical option for better CBD choice for what your looking for.

Also r/CBD has lots of good info.

CBD is excellent for nerve pain. It also almost completely removes the feeling of anxiety and is great for depression.

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My wife recently was diagnosed with arthritis in her wrists and hands. Doc has her on standard treatment, but I thought i’d heard CBD might be helpful?

Edit: after a little research, I came upon this: spruce

I got my mother on CBD for arthritis. Shes 70, was mildly active. She’s had pretty amazing results. Her pain is almost none existent but she does occasionally use pain killers if she’s had a particularly physical day. The inflammation in her joints is gone, mobility and energy is up. She’s generally happier all round. She’s on oil and salve from Absolute Nature cbd, takes Oil 3 times a day, around 20-30mg per dose and cream twice a day. She was using a couple of other brands originally, also did well, but one was an isolate and not half as good for her. Make sure you do your research before buying, check lab reports and claims etc. I wrote a guide on reddit about validating what you’re buying, I’ll edit a link to the sub post for you.
To be honest, we were not expecting such great results from CBD in general given she has had problems for over 30 years, maybe more, and lived on pretty strong pain killers.

But I don’t use CBD for these issues, I use it for anxiety. I suppose what I’m here for is your own anecdotal experiences? How’s the VeryVell? Any other products work for you? Other bud tenders if you’d like to share your own experiences with this feel free.

The #1 thing for reducing inflammation is fixing your diet, which is both free and easy(ish) to do. Adding a CBD topical or a 5mg CBD gummy daily isn't going to do anything beyond placebo effect if your diet is contributing to the problem.

Work in a legal cannabis store, have some older folks who don’t actually smoke/use cannabis to get high, come in asking for CBD products that would help with the aforementioned issues.

Alternatively you can try Extra Strength Voltaren

To treat acute pain it's going to be really difficult without smoking/vaping. Ingesting CBD products takes a long time to build up in your system and I don't find it works that well for actual pain compared to THC which works amazingly.