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baskin essentials cbd cream

Superior, Fast-Acting CBD Delivery
BASKIN uses patented Invisicare® technology to deliver CBD to the skin and body more effectively than other CBD products on the market.*

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CBD Body Wellness Cream

Controlled Release
Enjoy hours and hours of continuous effects, as BASKIN’s patented Invisicare® technology controls the release of CBD delivery over a prolonged period.*

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Superior Binding
Wash it, rub it, sweat all over. BASKIN’s patented Invisicare® technology keeps our creams bonded to the skin. †

Sagely CBD Relief and Recovery CBD Cream is a very nourishing and soothing cream. The cream is full of plant-based ingredients. It has high-quality broad-spectrum CBD that means it offers additional benefits without THC.

Moreover, the ingredients are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The CBD cream will not irritate the skin and promote healthy and fresh skin. It will not enter into the bloodstream and affect your mood.

Sagely Extra Strength Relief & Recovery Cream

The hemp seed extract is obtained from the large organic farms and is carefully extracted under controlled conditions by maintaining its quality. The CBD cream is free of artificial ingredients. The peppermint oil provides an energizing scent that refreshes the brain.

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The CBD cream will help in reducing pain. It dissolves directly into the skin and starts its job. It has hemp seed extract that is obtained from organic farms and processed carefully. The cream relaxes the muscles and promotes a healthy life.

To benefit from these creams’ surface level and localized relief, apply directly on the skin. Baskin+ has a whole body effect and provides the most effective relief. It is also accompanied by a nice citric scent that’s not too concentrated.

For a little excitement and sweet sour taste, indulge in blood orange herbal tea, which incorporates creamy vanilla and citrus flavors blended together in a loose-leaf tea.

Finally, get a taste of the super fine loose-leaf tea made from the best chamomile farms in Egypt, organically grown, and therefore free from any impurities and infused with CBD oil to give calming effect when you consume it. This is the best tea if the aim is to relax and rest without the constant buzz of the head spinning.

Baskin Extended wellness cream

Baskin offers at least three tea flavors that are infused with 20mg of active CBD per serving. The flavors are:

The products include tea flavors, topical and sports creams, and bath bombs.

To delight your senses with full flavor of peppermint, enjoy a cup of peppermint herbal tea that incorporates peppermint blended with herbal loose-leaf tea.

It comes in two strengths, with 150mg of active CBD oil in the normal wellness cream and 400mg active CBD oil for the Baskin+ extended wellness cream. The ingredients in these creams are coconut oil, CBD extracts, and allantoin that provides for optimal moisturizing.