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5 1 cbd tincture

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The potency in the 5:1 is a total (TTL) of 200mg, however you can see that there is approximately five times the amount of CBD in relation to the amount of THC. Many guests will start with .3 ml (1/2 of a standard serving). Because all producers are required to list the potency, tinctures and edibles make it easy to control your serving.

1:1 Ratio – Having equal parts CBD and THC seems to be the most effective in tackling pain management. The goal of utilizing a 1:1 product is to induce a gentle buzz while allowing the consumer to function and focus throughout the day. While CBD affects inflammation throughout the body, THC regulates neurotransmitters and how the brain perceives pain. The 1:1 ratio provides both mental and physical relief from pain. While this ratio is not considered “recreational”, 1:1 products can be easily found at most dispensaries. 2

Let’s Explore a 5:1 Ratio Cannabis Product

2:1 Ratio – Having twice the amount of CBD as THC can still provide a slight buzz, but it should be minimal compared to 1:1 strains and recreational products. This ratio might be ideal for those looking to combat autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, or general aches and pains.

Every product at The Novel Tree Medical will be labeled with a breakdown the CBD:THC ratio.

1:2 Ratio – This ratio allows you to enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC, with an enhanced body high from the CBD. Often recommended as a sleep aid, this ratio can be more sedative depending on the terpene profile of the product. 4

A recent review of the effects that cannabis has on sleep found that the use of THC is excellent for reducing the amount of time required to fall asleep. On the surface, this is great news for those who suffer from insomnia. Unfortunately, when used for long periods and at high dosages, THC can actually decrease the quality of your sleep, causing a negative impact on your memory, daytime sleepiness, and mood disruptions. One of the leading theories behind why these things happen is because THC suppresses REM sleep or dream sleep, which is a vital component of high-quality sleep.

That was probably an information overload and a rabbit hole you didn’t expect to find yourself going down. Neither did we! At Baked Bros™, we believe in providing patients with the best possible experience when using cannabis products. We feel the only way to fulfill that commitment is by utilizing the insights provided by scientific research and what we see when working with patients.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

If you haven’t done so already, you will want to check out our blog explaining why 5:1 CBD:THC ratios are the most diverse ratio on the market . That article will provide the foundation you need to understand why we feel a 5:1 ratio is the optimal “balance” between CBD and THC, based on what we could gather from current cannabinoid research and patient feedback. With that framework in place, let’s dive into the science!

On the other hand, CBD was found to be particularly useful for insomnia and in some cases, it can counter the effects of THC. CBD, in mid-range dosages, has a favorable impact on REM sleep and in low dosages, was able to combat excessive daytime sleepiness. CBD, on its own, was able to increase the time spent sleeping, reduce movement during sleep, and improve overall sleep quality.

Again, based on our research of the available scientific literature, we came to the realization that high CBD and low THC ratios were ideal for combating stress. Baked Bros™ 5:1 CBD to THC products provide the perfect ratio for relaxing and relieving tension without having to worry about increased paranoia or anxiety when dosed correctly. Don’t worry, we did our homework!