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4 corners cbd salve

When it comes to taking CBD seriously, it’s hard to find a company more devoted than 4 Corners Cannabis. In fact, their website itself offers content that would be helpful to anyone looking for introductory information about CBD and the CBD extraction process. They are proud of their seed-to-sale process as it is what makes 4 Corners Cannabis a cut above other CBD competitors. Their website explains how these passionate growers are equally passionate about their extraction process which utilizes Organic Sugar Cane Ethanol, a healthier choice than the commonly used CO2 or isopropyl alcohol, which can lead to poisoning with many adverse effects. By making their own products, they also ensure all the ingredients are selectively sourced and they claim to “purchase fair-trade, environmentally-conscious compounds whenever possible.”

The 4 Corners Cannabis Salve comes in a 2 oz. neatly designed container. The listed ingredients are coconut oil, beeswax, antioxidants, CBD oil, and “choice terpenes.” The coconut oil provides a pleasurable scent but also makes for a slightly greasy residue post-application. According to their website, their salve “uses organic triple-filtered beeswax from a family farm and the finest coconut oil on the market.” On the product page, 4 Corner’s explains that salve should only be used locally as it does not cross the blood barrier. For that reason, if you are looking for the overall CBD experience they recommend opting for their vape liquid or tincture. It’s a recommendation that comes off as refreshingly honest as it’s clear they’re not just about hawking their salve. In fact, everything about the 4 Corner’s Cannabis company leaves one with the impression that it is really the finest product and the best results that they’re after for their customers.

People use salve for various reasons: dry skin, skin irritations, aches and pains. We were testing the 100 mg 4 Corners Cannabis CBD Salve. Their website indicates they have now increased their CBD content in the salve to 500 mg. As I had been dealing with a sore knuckle on my right hand, I thought I’d apply it to the area and see if it made a difference. It did. It did not get rid of the soreness altogether but it did make a noticeable difference. The knuckle became less sensitive to the touch and generally less sore. I am curious to know what effect the 500 mg salve would have, but even with the lower dose I was pleased with the result. Overall the salve has a pleasant odor and applies very smoothly. The packaging is well-designed and easy to open. From the looks of their product page online, the packaging has changed slightly from what they sent us. And the new packaging includes Vitamin E as an ingredient.

We’ve got just what you need! With its silky, smooth texture, our THC-Free CBD Salve is great for soothing sore muscles and nourishing damaged skin. It also makes an outstanding lip balm!

Upon opening the jar, you’ll notice the light, fresh scent of coconut oil. Our THC-Free CBD Salve is menthol-free, and all of our ingredients are organic, fair trade certified, food grade, and non-GMO.

Our THC-Free CBD Salve contains only a few ingredients, including beeswax, vitamin E, and coconut oil. THC-Free CBD salves can be used in conjunction with our THC-Free CBD Oral Tinctures to provide the full benefits of CBD—inside & out! If you prefer not to consume CBD oil, then salves are an excellent option.

As one of the nation’s first CBD companies, we remain committed to producing the highest quality CBD products on the planet. At 4 Corners Cannabis, we proudly control the entire production process of every product—from seed to bottle—from our Colorado production facility.

If you’re tired of nursing sore muscles and achy joints, it’s time to give our THC-Free CBD Salve a try!

Dosing Info:

The Salve Stick offers all of the benefits of our regular salve with a firmer texture, making it both durable and portable. With two pocket-sized options, our CBD Salve Stick will bring you relief anywhere at anytime. Pop off the cap to get that same fresh scent of coconut oil found in our traditional salve. Our CBD Salve Sticks are created using only the finest ingredients and are menthol free!

Rub the Salve Stick directly on sore muscles or damaged skin.

40 and 80 mg Salve Sticks:

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Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Complete Spectrum Hemp Extract, Antioxidants

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