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150mg cbd salve

The Abinoid Botanicals Hemp Salve is an effective way to soothe sore muscles and joints. Containing 150mg, this all-natural salve uses the power of cannabidiol or hemp oil to relieve physical stressors. An additional 10+ plant extracts, including violet leaf and basil, work together for an overall powerful product.

One of our leadership team members was recently down in the Caribbean soaking up the sun with his family. On one of the days, both he and his wife both got a little too much sun and wound up burnt. They applied our hemp salve to their rough spots and they not only noticed relief but with continued use, their skin never started peeling as it normally would from too much sun! If you try this, let us know below or leave a review below!

How to Use Hemp Salve

This hemp salve can also be used on healed tattoos to keep them both conditioned and supple. We know dry skin and tattoos don’t go well together at all, and this all-natural product will allow you to never worry about your tattoos again.

Apply the hemp salve directly to the desired area and massage a generous amount into your skin until absorbed. If you are having serious soreness, we suggest using more salve as the “serving size” depends on how much product you rub into the desired area. The more you rub in, the more cannabidiol you are adding to the desired area.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Ginger Root Extract*, Comfrey Root Extract*, Arnica Flower Extract*, Beeswax*, Camphor Bark Oil, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Cypress Oil, L-Alpha-Pinene, Lavender Oil, Lavandin Oil, Wild Mint Leaf Oil, Bergamot Mint Oil, Pennyroyal Oil, Peppermint Oil, Basil Oil, Sweet Marjoram Leaf Oil, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is for the batch used to bottle the 150mg Salve 1oZ product.

Our University developed, patent pending formula is the best CBD on the market. Our hemp extract is pure and absorbed through the skin (the body’s largest organ). CBD interacts with the body’s receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates sleep, appetite, pain, and immune system response. CBD triggers natural production of the (lipoprotein) protein, which stops the production of an (arachidonic) acid that causes muscle aches and pains.


For proper dosage, simply rub 5-10 mg (1-2 scoops) on the desired area and enjoy relief. Apply every three to four hours as needed. Common areas for application include joints, shoulders and back, feet, face, wrists, temples, and legs.

Our hemp salve is a therapeutic ointment infused with our patent-pending University developed CBD formula. Each batch is tested to ensure that it contains a full dose of the highest caliber, most bioactive extract from the flower parts of the hemp plant. Our proprietary blend of terpenes give the salve its natural aroma.

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