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1100 mg cbd cream on academy

Have you been considering trying out a CBD topical, but aren’t sure where to begin? The world of CBD has so many options, especially when it comes to topicals. Discerning what topical is best for yourself as an individual may be difficult due to all the options. I’ve been using many of the topicals here at Discover CBD for quite some time and have gathered a bit of insight on them. While I love them all, I’ve discovered which ones work best for me and why.

While the salve is my go to, the Active CBD Oil lotion is also a great topical. The lotion is a popular option for people who prefer covering a larger area of skin with ease. I tend to use it when I have a large area in pain, such as my whole back as opposed to just my shoulder. Each lotion is 8oz with 1100mg of CBD isolate (137.5mg/oz), which makes it a nice middle ground between each salve strength. The lotion also comes in two scents: menthol and citrus lavender. I personally prefer the menthol scent, as it has a cooling sensation when applied on the skin, however the citrus lavender is very relaxing .

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CBD topicals have been an amazing experience for me. I’ve found so much relief and am happy I’ve had the opportunity to try so many different kinds of topicals to find out what really works best for me. If you want to compare and try out our topicals before you buy, you can get a free sample on Thursdays at any of our Colorado locations:

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Additionally, CBD is currently undergoing clinical trials to determine its efficacy for treating many diseases and symptoms, so there will likely be more benefits found in the coming years!

Before starting any new routine or supplement though, we always recommend checking with your doctor first!

CBD Oil Side Effects + How it Makes You Feel

No, CBD oil will not get you high. While most CBD contains up to 0.3% THC, it isn’t enough to actually cause any psychoactive effects! The effects of CBD are very subtle, and will usually make you feel a bit more peaceful and relaxed, but not high. One way to think of it is the warm feeling you get after a few sips of wine.

Hi Erin, it’s recommended for daily use – this is how you’ll see the most benefit!

Today we’re answering all of your most frequently asked questions about CBD oil, from how it works to who should (and shouldn’t) take it!

Taken a Lot of the Stress Off

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I’d Recommend NPA in a Heartbeat

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