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10mg cbd capsules reddit

I just ordered a tincture of CBD oil from Green Mountain. I'm taking it for anxiety. Their tincture bottle is 600mg of CBD oil. 1mL of their tincture is 10mg of CBD. 2mL is 20mg of CBD. They recommended that you start off with 10-20mg. I was thinking about doing 10mg, but now I think I want to try 20mg. I may go down to 10mg to see if I still get the same effects.

Do you guys think I should start off with 20mg or 10mg?

Extra details that may help:

Their bottle says to take it every 4-6 hours. I plan on taking it three times a day.

I'm 120 pounds. I'm 5"8. I'm a male. I never tried CBD oil before.

So after doing a fuck ton of research I decided to buy my first lot of CBD oil capsules, and I've never taken CBD before so I could do with some advice.

Now I bought the Jacob Hooy CBD+ 60 capsules from Holland and Barret (here's the link if anyone's interested: 1 capsule contains 10mg of CBD at 2.75% but I'm not sure if this will do for anxiety. I've found a chart online that says that based on my weight, 12 – 18mg is the best for me (12 for little to no pain and 18 for severe pain), but I'm not really taking these for pain anyway so it's hard to judge if that is the correct dosage for what I want. I also saw someone else criticising those exact tablets saying that the potency is so low that it won't really have any effect but other sources kind of suggest otherwise (especially for starting out). Could anyone advise?

Also, what's other people's experiences with taking CBD for anxiety and what form did you take it in? Capsules? Oil?

I think they're from a company called Jacob Hooy, and it says that "1 capsule=8 drops of CBD oil 2.75%". What does this mean?

If two capsules a day isn't working, should I take three? What damage could this do?

Try doubling the dosage, 2 pills at once, and add a fish oil pill and/or a vitamin D pill. The fats help the body absorb the CBD. This is important as taking CBD orally isn't the most efficient use of CBD. Vaping or sublingual is more effective.

Now on the bottle, it says "do not exceed two capsules a day", but it doesn't list any side effects or anything.

If so this website says 10mg of CBD per capsule. I've been taking 50mg of full spectrum CBD via tincture or capsules 3x a day for months now. This is a year into using CBD, I started at 10mg per dose (isolate), 2x a day and have slowly crept up to 150mg/day via 3 doses.