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1000 grams 99 pure cbd isolate

1 gram = 1000mg of CBD.

We’re proud to offer natural hemp-derived CBD products that contain no additives, flavorings, preservatives, pesticides, or solvents. SingleCBD products never exceed THC levels of 0.3%, which is the legal limit in the United States. The CBD content in all of our products has been third-party lab tested for potency and purity.


For best results, products should be used within a year of the purchase date. Individual results may vary.

CBD isolate is a powder form of pure cannabidiol which can be added to personal care products, food, and beverages. Our CBD isolate is third-party lab tested for 99%+ purity and contains absolutely no THC. Derived from hemp grown and extracted in Colorado by Balanced Health Botanicals.


CBD Infusionz is one of the few companies that grow certified organic hemp. Their plants are also non-GMO and come from Colorado plantations, where farmers grow them without pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers.

4.83 / 5

Product Variations 5/5

But the best part about this product is that it contains ZERO THC.

CBD Infusionz holds a broad assortment of different CBD concentrates. While their CBD isolates are in the clear minority, their quality makes up for that little glitch.

Both the CBD isolate powder and CBD full-melt shatter slab are sold in four different volumes, from ¼ g to 3g. The cost per one milligram of 99.9% pure CBD ranges between Anyways, with CBD Infusionz, you’re paying Cost per mg CBD:.03 per mg of CBD, which is a very fair deal considering the quality of hemp they use for sourcing cannabidiol..03 and 4.83 / 5.07 depending on the size.

Our Wholesale CBD Isolate is THE BEST powder in the industry. We hold our Bulk CBD Isolate to the Kola Purified Standard and people can tell the difference once they order our California made CBD Isolate. Whether by the Gram or Kilogram, we guarantee 99% pure CBD Isolate that is snow white every time. We carefully extract all of our CBD Isolate in our own Southern California facilities in order to keep the pure consistency that we are known for.


What is CBD Isolate?

There are a few steps needed in order to take the cannabis biomass to CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate is 99% pure, white crystalline powdered CBD. Therefore, it is 100% THC free and free of other plant compounds including terpenes and other cannabinoids.

As a general rule, you should begin with a low dose and see how you react. After a while you can slowly increase your CBD dosage until you begin to notice the effects.